wing chun trapping hands

Trapping Hands is part of the Chi Sau family and a principle/strategy within our system of Wing Chun that we refer to as “capture, trap, immobilise”.

You will be learning how to trap arms, legs, do 2 on 1’s, change levels, sweeps, throws and chokes.

This is an insight into our trapping game.

chi sau trapping hands

Chi Sau and Trapping Hands are a unique training method of Red Boat Wing Chun. In this Short Course your will learn the essential foundations for both skill sets.

wing chun defense

Blocks, footwork and movement are the absolute essentials to your defensive game revisit these foundations regularly.

Movement is simply the cornerstone of our system. The ability to close, evade, create angles and absorb impact is critical. The elements of posture, stance, centre of gravity and overall balance have to be mastered and the drills used to do this must accurately reflect your needs in combat.
Movement also refers to slipping, ducking, weaving, changing levels and simply anything that allows you to evade or minimise injury while giving you the option to counter.
We must remember Wing Chun is a boxing style with a relatively limited kicking arsenal on the street and therefore needs to be addressed on some levels like a boxing system. But unlike a boxing system we have options to grab, pin, push or trap, which require a different set of developmental drills.

Even though the battlefield is in a constant state of flux and our guard will change according to our needs it is important to address our opponent in the correct stance: feet slightly wider than our shoulders and body angled at 45°, evenly balanced, but with weight not sitting too heavily on the heels and knees bent, basically an athletic stance – ready for movement in any direction.

kali escrima kung fu

This weapons workshop was filmed in February 2017 and covers: baton, (kali) sticks and nunchaku. The footage is edited so that you can train along with the video/seminar.

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Welcome to the Urban Survival Seminar! This is a fun seminar filled with absolutely essential information. Enjoy.

The most up-to-date seminar on the wooden dummy including advances in footwork developed since the filming of the wooden dummy short course.

train knife fighting online

At last it’s time for the BLADE. This year we will have a whole new set of skills and drills. Plus we will be introducing the deadly Karambit developed in Sumatra and representing a tigers claw it went from being a farm implement to being weaponised due to conflicts with neighbouring counties made famous in Indonesia by the Bugis warriors. It was considered an ultimate close quarter weapon.

Welcome to an in depth study of the knife. Please be disillusioned by the fact that knife fighting is dangerous for all involved. There are no real “safe” disarms, but there are varying degrees of good, better and best. As with all of our training we do not promote violence, but choose to have the skills required to cope if violence is thrust upon us.

wing chun forms

Welcome to your in-depth seminar on all three empty hand forms in the Wing Chun system.