Need to train but you’ve run out of time? This is one of Sifu Rick Spain’s favourite workouts and you can do it in less than 5 mins. It is a heart starter!

If you missed our emails and social media posts, you will also now find that support videos to prepare you for grading are being added to the curriculum levels. The first workout is under your level 2 curriculum table. Click here to go directly to that page.

You can also find Sifu’s Conditioning workouts (like this one) all in one place, go to EXTRAS tab, and click on SIFU SPAIN’S CONDITIONING WORKOUTS, or follow this link.

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One of the hardest things in the beginning is knowing where to start. This free membership gives you a great starting point for your martial arts training, but fitness and strength plays a significant role as well. So this video will give you a good starting point, especially if you do not already train.