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Welcome to the Beginner’s Course

Welcome to the beginning of your Wing Chun journey. Starting at ground zero is the beginner’s course. This course is considered “Level 1” of your training. Here we are giving you a broad overview of some of the concepts that are encompassed within our Red Boat Wing Chun system. You are not graded on the Beginner’s Course, however some of the material and quick quizes are required to be completed as a pre-requisite for other levels.

Outcomes from the beginner’s course are that you become familiar with the “mat language” that we use, start learning concepts that are important, feel a sense of achievement yet also feel challenged.

Precision is very important to us. So train with a sense of purpose and specificity. Don’t throw 1,000 average front kicks, throw 100 perfect ones! The principle of “slow is smooth, smooth is fast” is absolutely applicable to your training.

The Curriculum videos are two fold. They are demonstrate a technique required for your grading and also indicate what you should aspire to look like when performing/filming your grading attempt. Additional videos are there in the Lesson to coach you through the techniques and Support Material and Workout videos are provided to cover everything you need.

ASK QUESTIONS! If you don’t understand something please ask. It will help you, it will help others and it will help us provide a well-rounded experience for everyone. You can do this by emailing

For 80% of the material, you can train on your own. So if you don’t have a training partner yet don’t be discouraged, there is time.

Finally, we want this to be a great experience for you and feel like you are connected to us on our mat and are part of it all. So follow us on Facebook – both for the Red Boat University and Red Boat Kung Fu Global HQ – join our group pages and train hard!!

See you on the mat!

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  1. says:

    This has been a great refresher course for me, being a ex student of Sifu Rick I have grasped the will to start over again and train my children aswell. Thank you

  2. Adam Exelby
    Adam Exelby says:

    Hi Team,
    I really like the new lesson plans, as I have not graded yet so I have gone back to complete them, half way through now but has been a great way to remember parts of the technique.
    Thank you

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