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New Seminar: Invisible Wing Chun

Not only the finer points of Sifu Rick Spain’s “Renegade” Wing Chun Fighting System, but how the clinch game and BJJ fit into our unique system. Renegade members, the seminar is already loaded to your profile! Log in now and check it out. Not yet subscribed? Or you’ve lapsed? Give yourself an Xmas pressie! Sign […]

New Curriculum Overview for Level 2 Tip Test Now Available!

New Wing Chun Online Curriculum Overview for Level 2 Tip Test Now Available! Dear members, As you may know we have updated our grading curriculum to more accurately represent the scope of our skills at Sifu Rick Spain’s Red Boat Kung Fu Academy. We have begun filming overviews of drills and technical grading requirements for […]


Join Our Livestream!

Dear Renegade Subscribers, We want to see more of you on our livestreams! Every day (except Sunday) we stream a class and/or mat chat to assist with your training at home. Access is automatically granted to all Red Boat University Renegade subscribers, you just need to make the request to join (we can’t be trolling […]