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Sample Lesson:

The Wing Chun Renegade

We pride ourselves from being very different from other Wing Chun systems. Our Wing Chun is for the Martial Athlete – or at least someone with the desire to be.

Our Wing Chun is pressure tested, practical AND applicable to modern day fighting. Sifu Rick Spain was a Middleweight World Champion in one of the world’s first MMA fighting tournaments in China. Our Wing Chun students have won state, national and international Kickboxing, MMA and BJJ competition.

Not just for the Fighters, our Wing Chun is for the every day person that wants improve themselves and know that what you’re practicing every day is real and effective and has the actual capacity to save your life one day if needed.

We are constantly pushing the boundaries of what Wing Chun is perceived to be. We are Renegades in the world of Wing Chun.