Blocks, Footwork and Movement Short Course

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Blocks, footwork and movement are the absolute essentials to your defensive game.

Movement is simply the cornerstone of our system. The ability to close, evade, create angles and absorb impact is critical. The elements of posture, stance, center of gravity and overall balance have to be mastered and the drills used to do this must accurately reflect your needs in combat.

Movement also refers to slipping, ducking, weaving, changing levels and simply anything that allows you to evade or minimise injury while giving you the option to counter.

We must remember Wing Chun is a boxing style with a relatively limited kicking arsenal on the street and therefore needs to be addressed on some levels like a boxing system. But unlike a boxing system we have options to grab, pin, push or trap, which require a different set of developmental drills.

This course covers the primary blocks used in our Wing Chun system plus footwork and movement drills as mentioned above.

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