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Wing Chun for 2020

The complete system, evolved for the 21st century. Hundreds of techniques, blocks, strikes, kicks, takedowns, counters and submissions.

Suits Any Schedule.

Learn and practise Wing Chun Kung Fu online from anywhere, on any device, on your schedule, at your pace.

From Beginners to Advanced

Instruction for both beginners, intermediate and advanced students. You dictate the pace and have total control of your progress.


Not all Wing Chun systems are created equal.

Red Boat Kung Fu is a pressure tested, tried and proven discipline and we have the track record to prove it.

So if you’re serious about your training and want to progress in the most sophisticated system of Wing Chun in the world then the Red Boat University is for you.

You will have 24/7 access to every technique, the full grading curriculum, weapons, wooden dummy seminars, mat chats, techniques of the week and much much more.

In fact you and even request an instructional video on any part of the system which will be filmed just for you.

So get on board now and start your training today!

“The mission of Red Boat University is to create the highest level practitioners around the world.

We will not compromise on excellence.”

– Sigung Rick Spain


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Only World Class InstructorsSometimes
One on one help desk
Lessons filmed just for you
Solid Wing Chun lineage:
Ip Man –
William Cheung – Rick Spain
Solid BJJ Pedigree:
Will/Machado Family
Battle tested:
Full contact World Champion,
37/38 Pro Fight record, 100’s amateur fights,
countless street fights.
Progression through full curriculum
One on one grading/exam feedback
Full length in-depth coursesSometimesSometimes
Full length in-depth seminarsSometimesSometimes
Time wasted on unreliable content
& training practises
A complete martial system
addressing all ranges
with Wing Chun at it’s Core
Learn from anywhere

Beginners Kung Fu Online

Brand new to Wing Chun Kung Fu?

Then you’ve come to the right place!

Our Beginner Kung Fu is tailored to anyone and everyone just starting out with Kung Fu.

Martial Arts Seminars Online

Our regular seminars cover specialist areas such as

Wooden Dummy,

Chi Sau,



Trapping Hands and more

Chi Sau Workshops Online

Chi Sau or “sticky hands” is a Wing Chung touch reflex drill.

Our Chi Sau covers basic and advanced Chi Sau techniques

not seen in other Wing Chun systems.

Forms Seminars Online

Step by step instruction on the three main Wing Chun forms:

Sil Lum Tao,

Chum Ki,

Bil Gee

and the complete 108 movements on the Wooden Dummy.

Inspiring Stories From Our Red Boat Wing Chun Members

Special Stories from our Martial Arts Family

I cannot overstate the benefits on my life. I used to get sick all the time, and was a frequent sufferer of migraines and tonsillitis – both at least once a month. Since joining Wing Chun, I’ve only had one migraine and haven’t had tonsillitis in six months; I recently cancelled surgery for their removal. My blocked sinuses have cleared, and for the first time in my entire life, I breathe regularly through my nose. My flat feet are developing arches – something my podiatrist said was impossible. I sleep a lot less and have so much more energy throughout the day. Though it may be counter intuitive, adding Wing Chun into my routine has allowed me to do more, and has become catalyst for a lot of other activities.

"Lil" Pete’s Story...How Martial Arts Changed his Life

Training has improved my self esteem and given me a sense of achievement. I have been able to set goals to help me overcome my battle with cancer. I have improved as a person and gained self confidence which has enabled me to help other students and also with conducting classes when others are absent.

Frances’ Story...A Unique Story from an Inspiring Woman in Martial Arts, a True Warrior

I have grown confidence in many areas where I know I had fear, as I have learned from teachers and students ways to channel that fear to fight rather than flight when needed, not only in martial arts but in many other mental and physical challenges I face.

Charlie’s Story...Overcoming Life’s Challenges and Leading From the Front, Kung Fu gave Him a Place to Be

“As a beginner there is a lot to remember, having the curriculum available online 24/7 has been a huge help to my training.

I use the university to help me learn the movements so that I can use my time on the mat to really fine tune.”

Darren’s experience...Training at Red Boat HQ and the University

“At Red Boat HQ I found a place where I not only train hard, but it also feels like family.
The Red Boat University allows me to take this great mat culture and knowledge with me wherever I go.”

Bruno’s experience...Training at Red Boat HQ and the University

“There are plenty of schools that will teach you to fight but at Red Boat WC, Sifu Rick Spain challenged me to be the best version and fighter of myself. Now, with the University I have access to everything, whenever and wherever I need it.”

Hesham’s experience...Training at Red Boat HQ and the University

“The site is amazing and I love it! There is so much on here, it’s a huge help for my training, thank you so much. I’m loving it and I’ll be in touch when I have something to submit to be graded.”

Jarrod’s experience...Training at Red Boat University

What are you waiting for?

Voted the NUMBER ONE Martial Arts School in Australia! Chief Instructor Sifu Rick Spain is a  Full Contact Martial Arts World Champion!

Compete with others
Grow stronger
Grow Faster
Eat healthy
Improve your health

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