This week Sifu Rick Spain Calls Bullshit on martial arts instructors who don’t go to the ground because “we’re a stand up system” or “we can’t be taken down” and who don’t spar because their system is too deadly or interestingly… sparring isn’t realistic. Well unless you’re an idiot going out picking street fights, it’s the closest most people are going to get!


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Just how hard should you be training to prepare for your next belt/level change?

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The four phases of engagement. Add this to your martial arts online training this week! You must address all 4 phases in your overall training in order to have a complete fighting game.

In case you missed it on YouTube, Sifu’s mat chat to all on the importance of “mat culture” in martial arts. Strong healthy values breeds a healthy training environment. If you’re training with friends in your garage or in a full-time school be mindful of the culture you’re creating or embracing.

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Earlier this year Sifu recorded a podcast interview with Whistlekick Martial Arts Radio, and today it’s been released! Sifu Rick Spain talks about:

-Training and fighting in the 70’s & 80’s;

-Fighting (and winning) at the world championship in ’82;

-How he met William Cheung and became a live-in disciple;

-The car accident that ended his fighting career and how he found his way back to the Path and became the coach he is today.

-and more…

Must thank Jeremy at for the fantastic interview, he has a wonderful interviewing style that really makes way for inspiring conversation.

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Instagram – @whistlekick

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It’s an unfortunate truth. A lot of Wing Chun practitioners do not do enough hard graft. Don’t be that person!!

Happy new year everyone!

Hope you all have had a fantastic time so far! Got a great year planned for the University, loads of new workouts and coaching to get you on track for your next belt!!

Train hard, train smart.

See you on the worldwide mat!!

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Technique of the week – Grappling

We are running two themes this week. Chokes and round kick defence. Today we start with the half nelson from standing position. Then it’s round kick defence with a recap on last weeks theme.

Expanded from last week’s theme of Chi Sau and Trapping Hands combined…enjoy!