For the most part, filming yourself for your grading is pretty simple, but when the techniques require more movement and you’re demonstrating forms it’s pretty easy to get out of shot. If you have someone to shoot for you then you’re fine, but a lot of you are solo training so may not always have a partner to train with, let alone hold a camera for you.

We decided to try PIVO for you. If you’ve seen the ads, it’s tracking capabilities look pretty impressive, and could be a great solution for you.

Now, we are not techies, so don’t expect this review to be too sophisticated!

Overall, it is actually pretty good, there’s potential there. The functioning of the PIVO mount itself is great, the technology in regards to the performance of the app though needs some improvement, but it’s certainly a great starting point and a good alternative if you don’t have a camera man.

The video below is footage from one of our live feeds, it’s raw footage with minimal editing. You can see that PIVO is sometimes indecisive as to who to track. There are two main tracking options: 1, action tracking; and 2, face tracking. We used face tracking for this vid. But as you can see, when it’s just tracking one person, it moves quite well – which will be a most likely scenario for you.

You can see by the end of the video (which was actually past the 45min mark real-time) the recording starts to get a bit choppy (my phone/app storage was running low), but most of your grading videos should be under the 15min mark so wouldn’t be an issue.

So, while they’ve got some work to do with improving the app functionality, it could really free you up from feeling limited in how you move around in your space when you’re filming solo for your grading assessments.

Click here or the banner above to get to the PIVO website to see cost and accessories.

PIVO shooting behind the scenes of our live stream on 4th April 2020:

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Awesome workout this morning, we had 20 of you legends with us! Had a chat too about why we chose Wing Chun/this Wing Chun.

Lunch class today is a super revision of this week’s training.

Next class is tomorrow at 10am Sydney time.

There is currently a bit of a disconnect between what we are doing via livestream and what we are releasing on the Uni. If you are missing out on the livestreams because you are not on Facebook, don’t worry, you will be getting them soon! In the meantime, here’s a workout of the week to keep you moving.

See you on the mat!

Livestream Facebook Group:

The livestream group is only available to Sydney students and Red Boat University subscribers with a Wing Chun Renegade subscription or above.

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Hi guys,

Tomorrow morning 7:30am is Fight Fit – a combination of Tabatas, Crossfits and strength work.

12:15 lunch class is a recap of the week’s training – forms, chi sau, blocking, frames head movement and combat techniques. So, a full mixed-bag at lunch, expect a full hour.

See you on the mat guys, can’t wait.

Facebook livestream:

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See you all tomorrow at 7:30am online on our Facebook Group RBKF Live Stream and then again either online or at Alexandria Park at 12:15pm Sydney time, for a lunch session. If it’s raining the Park will be cancelled, but we’ll still do the class and you can follow on from the live stream at home or work!

See you tomorrow!

Hi guys!

Hope you’re all staying healthy and not going too stir crazy!

We’ve made today’s release public so you can see some of what it is you’re missing if you’re only on a Sample Membership or not yet joined at all.

Today’s conditioning video gives you weightless alternatives for back, shoulder and bicep targeting. You can add these to any of the workouts we’ve already shown you, or any of your favourite workouts of your own.

The technical video is defense against a side kick and spinning back fist using garn sau and double tan sau to defend, then side palm strike to elbow, or harness to rear naked choke to counter.

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Enjoy your training!

See you soon.

Red Boat Uni Team.