Back from a live streamed class in early May 2020. Training solo??? Yes it can be done! Follow on with solo chi sau and trapping hands drills and stick around for a workout!

Revision of the jab plus how to pull and punch using both sides of the shoulders. Cutting off the ring with up and over – over and up step, plus a stamina round at the end.

The title says it all, this workout is from a livestream in April last year and is about dealing with a side kick on the inside with a counter strike to finish. We also do set 6 on the Wooden Dummy, Chum Kil and a Tabata style workout.

Dealing with and countering with kicks – leg checks, rear stomps/oblique kicks, low side kicks and crescent kicks – all in this video, with Bil Gee to finish.

Encompassed in the Wing Chun Blue Print is an impregnable defence. This live stream / class video is a study of Wing Chun’s unique defence strategy, also known as “box defence”. This class is about checking and blocking.

Live streamed class, detialing the side kick plus drills and exercises to improve your kicks in general. All a MUST for your kicking game.

Some sample striking combo additions to the new grading structure!

A quick Mat Chat regarding the new grading curriculum being implemented this year and a welcome back message from Sifu Rick Spain.

This video includes a discussion on what has influenced our knife fighting curriculum, the Sil Lum Tao form, then Wooden Dummy to set 6 and Baton revision including the 15 angles of attack and box defence.

PS: For those unaware while side kicks in set 4 are demonstrated as low kicks, they are in fact meant to be mid-section side kicks. Sifu’s hip injury is currently preventing him from kicking that high.