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Kicking Essentials

Until now, never released footage on essential concepts and conditioning for kicks. You will learn how to front, side, round and hook kick correctly, how to string together combinations, kick on the off-beat and perform change-ups.

invisible wing chun online course

Invisible Wing Chun

During a 2015 Seminar Tour away from the headquarters in Sydney Australia, Sifu Rick Spain coaches Ipswich students on the finer developments of his Wing Chun fighting system. This is that workshop!

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martial arts live stream

Livestream Access and Archive

All Wing Chun Renegade subscribers and above are eligible to join, simply click on Morning, Lunch or Saturday classes for meeting links and passwords.


The REAL History of Wing Chun Seminar

A controversial journey through the Wing Chun family landscape.


Level 1: Beginner’s Course

This course is considered “Level 1” of your training. Here we are giving you a broad overview of some of the concepts that are encompassed within our Red Boat Wing Chun system.


Level 2 Grading: Blue-White Belt

Level 2 Grading Material - Subscription includes all Grading Assessments


Level 3 Grading: Blue Belt

Level 3 Grading Material - Subscription includes all Grading Assessments


Level 4 Grading: Blue-Brown Belt

Level 4 Grading Material - Subscription includes all Grading Assessments


Level 5 Grading: Brown Belt

Level 5 Grading Material - Subscription includes all Grading Assessments


Level 6 Grading: Brown-Black Belt

Level 6 Grading Material - Subscription includes all Grading Assessments


Level 7 Grading: Black-Red Belt

Level 7 Grading Material - Subscription includes all Grading Assessments

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News Feed:


In case you missed the live stream on our Facebook Group the Saturday’s Sparring Clinic is uploaded for you all with Renegade and/or Instructor access.

There are lots of fantastic lessons in there for all levels of experience. Follow this link to access directly from the course page.

See you on the World Wide Mat!

Red Boat Uni Team.

Sifu initially answers a question that a student asked about why/how our Wing Chun is different. He then goes on to discuss how to keep students engaged. Part of this is by addressing aspects of each individual that we want to develop: resilience, durability, intelligence, composure and strategy and tactics.

We then look at the first part of the advanced Bil Gee form.

Screenshot of board:

Coaching Clinic March 2022

Discussion on how to structure a class and how to divide attention plus the 3 empty hand forms:

Whiteboard pic:

wing chun 1st sash

Happy New Year to all our followers and subscribers!

We hope the start to your year has been fantastic.

Finally, we are in the process of filming the overviews of the new Wing Chun curriculum. This is an expansion of what we have already, so everything you have already learned is relevant still.

In due course details on each change will be filmed and uploaded for you, in the meantime please remember that you can comment on the lesson pages and request details on ANYTHING. This is all part of our service to you.

For all Wing Chun Renegade subscribers log into your account and follow this link to your lesson page.

If you are not yet a member, you can always subscribe now and start your journey in fight ready Wing Chun Kung Fu.

See you on the mat!

Red Boat Uni Team

invisible wing chun online course

Not only the finer points of Sifu Rick Spain’s “Renegade” Wing Chun Fighting System, but how the clinch game and BJJ fit into our unique system.

Renegade members, the seminar is already loaded to your profile! Log in now and check it out.

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Click here to jump straight to the Seminar.

See you on the mat!

wing chun online grading video

New Wing Chun Online Curriculum Overview for Level 2 Tip Test Now Available!

Dear members,

As you may know we have updated our grading curriculum to more accurately represent the scope of our skills at Sifu Rick Spain’s Red Boat Kung Fu Academy. We have begun filming overviews of drills and technical grading requirements for each Tip and Belt change test.

Most recently uploaded is Level 2 Tip Test overview available to all Wing Chun Renegade members here.

If you are not yet a member, join now! Simply follow this link.

More level updates to follow soon!

Training in Wing Chun online and martial arts by correspondance IS possible. You need focus and commitment, consistency and communication with your online coaches. We encourage you to ask questions and submit videos for your gradings and assessments. All of this is included in your Wing Chun Renegade subscription. We also encourage you to find a training partner, this could be a friend who is just happy enough to be your crash test dummy, or it could be a friend with experience, either way a training partner makes a very big difference. So please, keep training hard asking questions.

See you on the mat!

PS: you can check out our physical training locations here: www.redboatkungfu.com

learn boxing online

Boxing Class Online.

Did you miss it? August 4th 2021 we livestreamed a True Boxing class in our Facebook Group for Red Boat Uni/Wing Chun Renegade members and Red Boat Kung Fu Sydney members.

This lesson in boxing will teach you aspects of footwork skills, head movement and strike selection. It’s also a great shadow boxing training session.

If you’re not yet a Renegade member, join now! If you are a member but have not joined our Facebook Live Group, what are you waiting for? You get classes delivered EVERY day as inclusion of your University subscription. You CAN learn online if you put in the time, effort and attention.

Click on this link for the Boxing Class Video!

See you on the mat,

Red Boat Uni Team

Reminiscing a little! Ahh…back when we could all train in the same room! But lockdown has proven that you CAN maintain your martial arts learning journey by correspondence.

Class on blocks, strikes and some cross-arm/trapping hands sparring to finish.

Dear Renegade Subscribers,

We want to see more of you on our livestreams!

Every day (except Sunday) we stream a class and/or mat chat to assist with your training at home. Access is automatically granted to all Red Boat University Renegade subscribers, you just need to make the request to join (we can’t be trolling accounts on Facebook looking for you).

So PLEASE follow this link to our members only Facebook Livestream page and answer the questions so that we can easily validate your membership.

Meanwhile, catch up on one of Sifu’s latest mat chats – that you would have had immediate access to if you were a livestream member! – on Training Sustainability.


Red Boat Uni Team