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News Feed:

This video includes a discussion on what has influenced our knife fighting curriculum, the Sil Lum Tao form, then Wooden Dummy to set 6 and Baton revision including the 15 angles of attack and box defence.

PS: For those unaware while side kicks in set 4 are demonstrated as low kicks, they are in fact meant to be mid-section side kicks. Sifu’s hip injury is currently preventing him from kicking that high.

Plus a pretty decent workout to start. Give yourself an hour for this one.

Dear Instructors,

It has been a while since we have posted any content for you. We are looking at making this now a weekly occurance. The videos will not be edited! They are rough and ready to go. But if you’re a coach, it’s the content – not the gloss – that you’re after.

So without any further explaination, here are the 3 theme variations/class structures that we ran with this week. Two Wing Chun classes (Wooden Dummy derived techniques and a multi layered Trapping Hands sequence, with striking drills for both classes) and one Boxing class (looking at our original long set – an 11 stage boxing drill – and our new even longer set – a 20+ stage boxing drill).

You can run the classes as they have been planned, but there is enough information in there that with a little imagination you could get 2-3 classes out of each.

Looking forward to your feedback.

Wing Chun – Set 5 Class

Boxing – Long Set Class

Wing Chun – Trapping Hands Class

This lesson is about creating angles. Lomachenko does this beautifully and we can draw a lot of parallels with his boxing style to our Wing Chun. Also up for discussion are some thoughts inspired by Marcus Aurelius. You will need a kettle bell, hand weights and a belt. Allow one hour for this video.

Live Stream from Wednesday (September 9th 2020) night’s class. Allow 1 hour. If you have a partner you’ll need focus mits and if you have them, either Thai pads or a kick shield. If you don’t have a partner use a heavy bag, or wrist and ankle weights and shadow box the drills.

You will need hand weights and ideally a moderately weighted kettle bell or medicine ball.

wing chun class live stream online

Live streamed class from Saturday 18th July, working on your round kick and simultaneous block/striking variations. Allow one hour for this class.

Latest Shooting from the Lip session from Sifu Rick Spain where he talks about his experiences through the martial arts landscape from the 70’s onward. This session he talks about his training partners and their different characteristics that he drew from, Sifu Spain’s first street fight and Grandmaster William Cheung’s response.