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Just a heads up, there will be a new batch of videos out this week including my new favourite standing choke which I’ve nicknamed the Spanish necktie. Others will include standing chokes masterclass including takedown options and ground finish.

See you on the mat!

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July 15 this year Sifu Rick Spain hosted his annual knife fighting workshop. Part one of this seminar is now available to all Renegade members and Instructor members. Click on above image for direct access, you can also find the workshop under the EXTRAS -> SEMINARS menu.

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This is your last chance to register for the Butterfly Sword Webinar being held on Sunday 9th September, 10:30am AEST (Sydney, Australia).

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Red Boat University members will have unlimited access to the HD edited version of the seminar after the 3 week period/when post production is complete.

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See you on the mat!

If someone’s got their hands around your throat with serious intent your defence needs to be infallible. This means good physics, broad strokes and easy to remember techniques that work under pressure from multiple positions and opponents of different size and strength.

This is Rick Spain’s pet peeves on neck attack defence techniques.


This week Sifu Rick Spain Calls Bullshit on martial arts instructors who don’t go to the ground because “we’re a stand up system” or “we can’t be taken down” and who don’t spar because their system is too deadly or interestingly… sparring isn’t realistic. Well unless you’re an idiot going out picking street fights, it’s the closest most people are going to get!


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