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A message to all of our Wing Chun Renegades!

In case you are unaware, we are still live streaming even though lockdown has been lifted in most areas. The streaming times have been reduced to Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 7:30am (AEST) and Saturday mornings at 10am (AEST). So for all of you learning wing chun online with us, you are still connected, no matter what the distance.

To access these classes live simply go to the course page “Live Stream Access and Archives” click on the time you are after and this will give you the ZOOM login details or, click on the Facebook listing which will give you the link to the Facebook Group page where you can request access to join.

You will also notice that – if not obvious by the title of the course – live stream archives are being added as topics for you to access when ever you like. They will also be added to the news feed once released.

For easy access to the Live Stream Access and Archive course page simply follow this link!

Stay on top of your martial arts training, gift yourself an hour today, log into your account and do a class with us.

See you on the mat.

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Latest mat chat with Sifu Rick Spain on mindfulness and confidence.

Plus, look out for our new segment “Shooting from the Lip” where Sifu sheds light on mistruths, pivotal decisions, the deterioration of Wing Chun and much much more. This will be only available to our Wing Chun Renegade subscribers and our active Sydney (HQ) Kwoon members.

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Hi guys,

We had issues with the NBN these last few days, but it was fixed yesterday afternoon so live streaming is back. Monday/Wednesday 415 for kids and Tuesday/Thursday 730am and 10am Saturday for adults.

Sorry for the interruption!

See you on the mat.

PS Annual Red Boat Kung Fu Gathering and grading is scheduled for the end of July! Watch this space for more info!

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Hi guys!

As of this week the timetable for livestreaming has changed. Sifu will be taking the 7:30am Mon-Fri classes and the afternoon classes are shifting to 5:15pm – after the kid’s classes – on Mondays and Wednesdays. These will be a Martial X-Fit class run by Amy.

A reminder too that we are now utilising Zoom as well as Facebook to stream our classes. If you are a Red Boat Uni member, the access details are found on your Student Profile Page, typically second on your list of courses, titled Livestream Access and Archives. Click on that, it will take you to the “course” page, then just select what time class you are after to access the link and password. Click on image above for video example.

If you’re not a Uni member, contact us for the details.

Livestream timetable here:

We are loving live streaming!

Don’t miss Saturday’s True Boxing Revision, it will be a master class on creating angles.

Any Uni Wing Chun Renegade subscriber or Red Boat Redfern student that have maintained their fees are entitled to access to our live streaming of classes on either Facebook or Zoom – if this is you and you don’t have the login details contact us ASAP! You’re missing out!

Red Boat Uni subscribers you can find the Zoom login details on your Student Profile Page in the Livestream and Archives “course” 2nd or 3rd on your course list for easy access.

If you are not yet a Red Boat Uni Renegade subscriber you can join here. As of today we are offering a 20% discount that will expire in 10 days.

Copy and paste your 20% discount coupons according to your club:

Wanganui NZ: O0FW1QTWAN


Mackay QLD: PA902QPMKY


Redfern NSW: LOCKDOWN2020



Denmark EU: VG8DK8JDEN

Anywhere else, not affiliated with any other of our schools or affiliates: LOCKDOWN2020