This week’s mat chat is for everyone! What is the common denominator in excellence? How can you become the best you can be in martial arts?

Sifu Rick Spain discusses what you can do to work toward your excellence.

Level 3 – Blue Belt has now been released in the new interactive format, get training toward your new belt now!

A comprehensive study on the habits of elite level athletes. Over 6 weeks you will learn everthing you need to achieve perfect health. Every aspect of your diet: Salt, fats, correct carb to protien ratios, correct hydration, micro and macro nutrients and the balance that is missing. Training for strength vs training for size vs training for endurance – you will recieve a program for each one depending on your needs. How to strip body fat in weeks not months. How to improve your sleep patterns – a vital key to peak performance. The winning mind of elite athletes – reprogramming your mind set to create and achieve your goals and achieve flow state at will. This is the most up to date sports science driven course, no guess work needed! If you’re serious about becoming the best version of you, a better martial artist and athlete then register asap. Remember our level of health and fitness influences everything we do ……Sifu

The course runs over 6 weeks, if you are interstate, international or a Red Boat University member you can sign up. You will be enrolled into the online course and given access to all footage from the course and relevant course documents as it is released, plus means of direct communication and feedback on your questions and progress.

$199 per person. Enrol HERE.