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New Wing Chun Online Curriculum Overview for Level 2 Tip Test Now Available!

Dear members,

As you may know we have updated our grading curriculum to more accurately represent the scope of our skills at Sifu Rick Spain’s Red Boat Kung Fu Academy. We have begun filming overviews of drills and technical grading requirements for each Tip and Belt change test.

Most recently uploaded is Level 2 Tip Test overview available to all Wing Chun Renegade members here.

If you are not yet a member, join now! Simply follow this link.

More level updates to follow soon!

Training in Wing Chun online and martial arts by correspondance IS possible. You need focus and commitment, consistency and communication with your online coaches. We encourage you to ask questions and submit videos for your gradings and assessments. All of this is included in your Wing Chun Renegade subscription. We also encourage you to find a training partner, this could be a friend who is just happy enough to be your crash test dummy, or it could be a friend with experience, either way a training partner makes a very big difference. So please, keep training hard asking questions.

See you on the mat!

PS: you can check out our physical training locations here:

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