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This weapons workshop was filmed in February 2017 and covers: baton, (kali) sticks and nunchaku. The footage is edited so that you can train along with the video/seminar.

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Welcome to the Urban Survival Seminar! This is a fun seminar filled with absolutely essential information. Enjoy.

The most up-to-date seminar on the wooden dummy including advances in footwork developed since the filming of the wooden dummy short course.

train knife fighting online

At last it’s time for the BLADE. This year we will have a whole new set of skills and drills. Plus we will be introducing the deadly Karambit developed in Sumatra and representing a tigers claw it went from being a farm implement to being weaponised due to conflicts with neighbouring counties made famous in Indonesia by the Bugis warriors. It was considered an ultimate close quarter weapon.

This workshop was conducted on Sunday 9th February 2020 to raise funds for WIRES. $240 was raised and donated to the Emergency Fund to support their wildlife rescue services as a result of the bushfires late 2019/early 2020. If you would like to donate to their Emergency Fund you can do so here.

Thank you for supporting Australian wildlife!

Now… the REAL history of Wing Chun

Welcome to an in depth study of the knife. Please be disillusioned by the fact that knife fighting is dangerous for all involved. There are no real “safe” disarms, but there are varying degrees of good, better and best. As with all of our training we do not promote violence, but choose to have the skills required to cope if violence is thrust upon us.

wing chun forms

Welcome to your in-depth seminar on all three empty hand forms in the Wing Chun system.

Wing Chun Swords

While not graded on the Butterfly Sword until after achieving Gold belt, this is a fun form to learn and a uniquely Wing Chun weapon.

The first two sections of this Seminar are from a recent seminar at Red Boat Kung Fu HQ. The final three sections are archived footage from a much older seminar but still relevant today!