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This week Sifu Rick Spain Calls Bullshit on martial arts instructors who don’t go to the ground because “we’re a stand up system” or “we can’t be taken down” and who don’t spar because their system is too deadly or interestingly… sparring isn’t realistic. Well unless you’re an idiot going out picking street fights, it’s the closest most people are going to get!


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Just how hard should you be training to prepare for your next belt/level change?

Gradings at Red Boat are NOT a walk in the park. You should have a good to excellent level of fitness and your grasp of the material should indicate the level you are going for. You have all the information you need at your fingertips on the , USE IT! The grading portal is not just there to submit your grading material but also for you to ask questions so we can help you prepare for your next level, so get in touch when you’re feeling like you might be ready to move forward and we’ll be here to help.

The four phases of engagement. Add this to your martial arts online training this week! You must address all 4 phases in your overall training in order to have a complete fighting game.

In case you missed it on YouTube, Sifu’s mat chat to all on the importance of “mat culture” in martial arts. Strong healthy values breeds a healthy training environment. If you’re training with friends in your garage or in a full-time school be mindful of the culture you’re creating or embracing.