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A message to all of our Wing Chun Renegades!

In case you are unaware, we are still live streaming even though lockdown has been lifted in most areas. The streaming times have been reduced to Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 7:30am (AEST) and Saturday mornings at 10am (AEST). So for all of you learning wing chun online with us, you are still connected, no matter what the distance.

To access these classes live simply go to the course page “Live Stream Access and Archives” click on the time you are after and this will give you the ZOOM login details or, click on the Facebook listing which will give you the link to the Facebook Group page where you can request access to join.

You will also notice that – if not obvious by the title of the course – live stream archives are being added as topics for you to access when ever you like. They will also be added to the news feed once released.

For easy access to the Live Stream Access and Archive course page simply follow this link!

Stay on top of your martial arts training, gift yourself an hour today, log into your account and do a class with us.

See you on the mat.

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