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Our Qualifications:

Red Boat University is the culmination of Sigung Rick Spain’s 40+ years experience in training, fighting and teaching martial arts. Rick Spain is a former full contact mixed martial arts world champion (1982), a Red Belt in Wing Chun Kung Fu, Black Belt in Kyokushin Karate and a Black Belt in Will/Machado BJJ.

  • Complete Curriculum

    The complete Wing Chun Kung Fu system distilled into a logical, clearly defined, systematic curriculum from white to black belt.

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    When you learn online at, you can go through the curriculum at your own speed, and you have total control over your training schedule.

  • Real Self Defence & Fighting Skills

    Increased situational awareness, confidence & self empowerment.


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At Red Boat Sydney I found a place where I not only train hard, but it also feels like family.
The Red Boat University allows me to take this great mat culture and knowledge with me wherever I go.

BrunoAge 33 - Brown-Black Belt

As a beginner there is a lot to remember, having the curriculum available online 24/7 has been a huge help to my training.

I use the university to help me learn the movements so that I can use my time on the mat to really fine tune.

DarrenAge 31 - Blue-White Belt

There are plenty of schools that will teach you to fight but at Red Boat WC, Sifu Rick Spain challenged me to be the best version and fighter of myself. Now, with the University I have access to everything, whenever and wherever I need it.

HeshamAge 43 - Brown-Black Belt

I have surprised myself on how far I have progressed, but still have plenty to learn. Some days are more challenging than other days. My strength, fitness and co-ordination have increased 100%.

FrancesAge 63 - Gold Belt

Since starting this martial art, my life has changed dramatically. I’m healthier, more confident and much more happy.

PeteAge 29 - Black Belt Red Characters